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filmmaker | podcaster | engineer.

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Love, 엄마


A girl wants to uncover who her missing father is, but the person hiding information from her is her own mother.

I love you, _____


Two boys work together to create the greatest romantic gesture to a loved one.



Follow a day in Euna Kim's life as she navigates the delicate process of teaching basically everyone how to properly say her name.

bamboo & glass

a podcast by 2 Asian American womxn sharing the underrepresented perspectives that shape our lifelong journey of learning and unlearning.

His 13-Year Fight to Stay in the US

episode 68


How the American Dream Has Failed International Students

episode 66


Goodbye, Silicon Valley; Hello, Hollywood!

episode 64


Facetune & Influencers, Art & Cancel Culture: A Debate!

episode 63


Creating Her Own Doors of Opportunities Within the Tech Industry

episode 61


How Should I Engage with Social Media for Black Lives Matter?

episode 57


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work experience.

I've gained valuable experience in the workforce as a filmmaker and engineer. After learning how to navigate the workplace in my early career, I've learned that I want to champion diversity and inclusion, by making sure everyone's voices has a safe space to be heard loud and clear. I care a lot about mentorship, and I'm always eager to pass on what knowledge I've gained from incredible mentors before me. I'm excited to see my lessons and skills from disparate industries serve me in novel ways.

Worked as a software engineer on various products: Google Earth, Jamboard, Slides, Media Planning in Ads.


Worked as a post production engineer intern.


Directed a short film as part of the Jubilee Fellowship.


let's talk.

I'm currently interested in opportunities in film development and podcast production.

I'm also always happy to chat about career transitions, breaking into tech & entertainment, diversity & inclusion, and Asian American issues.

You may also reach out if you're interested in collaborating on my podcast, bamboo & glass. We're available for public speaking engagements.


bamboo & glass

Email: bambooandglass@gmail.com